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Healing Singing Bowls, under the stewardship of Sajan Shakya, proudly upholds the profound historical connection between singing bowls and the vibrant Newari culture of the Kathmandu Valley. Drawing upon centuries of tradition, our collection features an array of meticulously crafted singing bowls, including the revered 7 metals bowls, intricately carved designs, and the prestigious Sun Moon Black Singing Bowls.

These bowls not only serve as instruments for meditation and sound therapy but also embody the cultural heritage and spiritual essence of the Kathmandu Valley's Newari community. For generations, Newari artisans have perfected the art of metalwork, infusing each creation with intricate designs and spiritual symbolism.

In addition to singing bowls, we offer an extensive selection of Gongs, Tingsha, and Bells, each meticulously crafted to resonate with the ancient rhythms and rituals of Tibetan, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions. These instruments play a vital role in sacred ceremonies, meditation practices, and cultural celebrations, further enriching the spiritual tapestry of the Kathmandu Valley and beyond.

At Healing Singing Bowls, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating this rich cultural heritage, offering practitioners and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to experience the transformative power of these sacred instruments, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Kathmandu Valley's Newari culture

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