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Maestro Santa Ratna Shakya original creator of Full Moon Singing bowl

Santa Ratna Shakya is a revered figure in Nepal, celebrated as a master craftsman and custodian of cultural heritage. As the third-generation inheritor of the Kassa tradition, he embodies the rich legacy of metalworking craftsmanship passed down through his family. Hailing from the historic Newari city of Patan in the Kathmandu Valley, Santa Ratna Shakya is known for his exceptional skill in creating singing bowls, including the renowned Full Moon singing bowl crafted under the direct light of the moon. His dedication to preserving traditional techniques, combined with his innovative spirit and commitment to purity and quality, has earned him recognition as a national treasure. Through his work, Santa Ratna Shakya not only produces exquisite instruments for healing but also serves as a bridge between the ancient traditions of Nepal and the modern world.

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