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Experience the perfection with the real Full Moon Singing Bowls, the original creation of Maestro Santa Ratna Shakya. Handcrafted with precision, these bowls offer unparalleled quality and resonance, with rich vibrations and harmonics that resonate deeply. Available in sizes from 12cm to 28cm.

255 € / kilogram + Shipping cost (calculated based on weight and country)

Size: 12 cm
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  Original from Nepal

Made by Newari craft mans in Kathmandu valley

Full Moon Singing Bowl: Introduction

In the vibrant tapestry of Nepali culture, the Full Moon Singing Bowl holds a unique and respected position. What makes it unique is the special ritual that is involved in its creation. The unique singing bowl results from Santa Ratna Shakya’s craftsmanship in Kathmandu Valley. These bowls testify to a special and sacred ritual that defines their creation. The Full Moon singing bowl meaning comes from its close connection with moon during it’s creation process.

Full Moon Singing Bowl Creation Process

The start of the Full Moon Singing Bowl begins with artists purifying both their bodies and minds. They engage in a ceremonial “Puja,” venerating the genesis of these extraordinary bowls. The metal blend, crucial to their creation, is delicately heated in a furnace, specifically under the luminous glow of the Full Moon. This essential step occurs exclusively under natural moonlight and clear skies, giving the bowl its famous name, “FULL MOON SINGING BOWL.” If clouds block the full moon, the work is scheduled for the next month, aligning with nature’s patterns and cosmic cycles. This intricately detailed method infuses the bowl with outstanding craftsmanship. It harnesses the mystical energy of the moon, creating an object rich in spiritual significance. 


The composition of these bowls comprises seven metals: Lead, Tin, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Silver, and Gold, mirroring the alignment with our seven energy centers, or Chakras. Across the ages, these Full Moon Singing Bowls have served as instruments for healing and meditation. Their harmonious sounds resonate, fostering equilibrium within the body, mind, and soul, reinstating a sense of serenity and balance.

Cost of Full Moon Singing Bowl

Santa Ratna Shakya’s craftsmanship infuses each bowl with unparalleled precision and care. The Full Moon Singing Bowl creation process involves strict testing to ensure the utmost quality, rendering each bowl a unique and invaluable piece steeped in cultural and spiritual significance. These bowls represent artistry and a legacy of tradition and spirituality, a testament to Santa Ratna Shakya’s contribution to singing bowl craft. The Full Moon Singing Bowl price per kilogram is 255€, reflecting each bowl’s meticulous craftsmanship, cultural value, and spiritual resonance. The cost of the Full Moon singing bowl is justified by its unique creation rituals, sound quality, and fantastic healing properties. You can also buy a set of Full Moon singing bowls consisting of different sized bowls.

Size Exact size range Weight
10 cm 10 cm to 10.9 cm 310 g
11 cm 11 cm to 11.9 cm 348 g
12 cm 12 cm to 12.9 cm 455 g
13 cm 13 cm to 13.9 cm 523 g
14 cm 14 cm to 14.9 cm 632 g
15 cm 15 cm to 15.9 cm 717 g
16 cm 16 cm to 16.9 cm 826 g
17 cm 17 cm to 17.9 cm 885 g
18 cm 18 cm to 18.9 cm 986 g
19 cm 19 cm to 19.9 cm 1064 g
20 cm 20 cm to 20.9 cm 1200 g
21 cm 21 cm to 21.9 cm 1400 g
22 cm 22 cm to 22.9 cm 1520 g
23 cm 23 cm to 23.9 cm 1620 g
24 cm 24 cm to 24.9 cm 1760 g
25 cm 25 cm to 25.9 cm 1950 g
26 cm 26 cm to 26.9 cm 2186 g
27 cm 27 cm to 27.9 cm 2400 g
28 cm 28 cm to 28.9 cm 2600 g

Packing and Shipping

Rest assured, we take great care in packing each singing bowl to ensure its safe transportation to you. Our shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of each bowl on a decreasing scale. The more you order, the lower the price per kilogram. For further details, please refer to our dedicated page.


Meditative and Healing Benefits

Stress-Free Relaxation: These bowls produce vibrant and soothing sounds, creating a serene ambiance that promotes relaxation. This is why the Full Moon Singing Bowl is widely used in meditation practices.

Professional Endorsement: Adopted by a diverse range of professionals, from healthcare practitioners and educators to musicians and yoga instructors, these bowls are loved for their healing qualities.

Healing in Healthcare: In healthcare settings, psychotherapists, massage therapists, and specialists in stress and meditation turn to these bowls to enhance their healing practices, promoting a complete approach to well-being.

Classroom Enhancement: Full Moon Singing Bowls find their place in classrooms, aiding educators in nurturing focused attention during group activities. Their calming tones create an ideal environment for learning and concentration.

Supporting Mental Health: These bowls are employed in therapies targeting post-traumatic stress disorder, offering comfort and solace to those on the path to healing.

Profound Healing Properties: With their deep resonance and harmonious vibrations, Full Moon Singing Bowls possess extraordinary healing properties, aligning the body, mind, and spirit in a harmonious balance.

Decorative Appeal:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Singing bowls add a touch of peace, enhancing the ambiance of meditation rooms, yoga studios, and homes.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Delicate Cleaning: Utilize a soft, moist cloth to gently wipe the singing bowl after every use, eliminating dust and fingerprints effectively.

Avoid Strong Cleaners: Do not use strong cleansers or chemicals, as they can harm the bowl’s surface and impact its sound quality negatively.

Thorough Drying: Following cleaning, ensure the bowl is entirely dry to prevent oxidation, which is especially crucial for metal bowls.

Sound Production Tips:

Striking Technique: Hold a soft mallet or padded striker firmly against the bowl’s rim and strike gently to create a clear, resonant sound.

Rim Circulation: To sustain the sound, glide a wooden striker gently along the outer rim of the bowl in a circular motion. Maintain consistent pressure and a steady pace for best results.

Exploration: Try various strikers and techniques to discover the sound quality that best fits your preferences.

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Data sheet

Special Pure 7 metals alloy from Santa Ratna Shakya
Santa Ratna Shakya - Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Full Moon
Diameter from 12 cm to 26 cm
255 € per kilograms

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Santa Ratna Shakya Certificate

Certificate of authenticity of full Moon singing Bowls from Santa Ratna Shakya Singing Bowl Centre

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Sofia Rossi 03/23/2022

Santa Ratna Shakya Bowls

The Full moon singing bowl has a mystical, enchanting sound. Beautifully crafted and arrived in perfect condition. Great addition to my practice! Awesome bowls by Mr Santa Ratna Shakya!

Katlin 05/11/2021


Highly recommend!

Alessandro Martini 11/11/2020

Original Full Moon From Santa Ratna Shakya

I spent a lot of time to research information about original full moon. The original full moon are made by artisans of Mr Santa Ratna Shakya. It is hard to find source of through on internet. Very happy to know Healing Singing Bowls and Sajan that distribute original Full Moon.

Onex D.L. 05/27/2020

The best

Original full moon by Maestro Mr Shakya. It is the best quality singing bowl ever made.

E. A. 02/02/2020

Orignial Full Moon of Santa

A rare trustable place to order the real full moon made by Santa Ratna Shakya directly from nepal!

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