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Immerse yourself in the rich, resonant and deep vibrations of our Patan Singing Bowls, skillfully crafted by Mr. Kalyan Tamrakar. Each bowl is meticulously hammered from a special alloy of seven metals, making them perfect for sound massage, grounding, and chakra balancing. Choose from sizes ranging from 10cm to 28cm for your perfect fit.

58 € / kilogram + Shipping cost (calculated based on weight and country)

Size: 10 cm
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  Original from Nepal

Made by Newari craft mans in Kathmandu valley

Discover the captivating world of sound therapy with the Patan Singing Bowl, a true masterpiece created by skilled Nepali artists. This extraordinary bowl is made with great care and precision, showcasing the rich heritage of the artists. Using special hammering techniques, the bowl is crafted from a unique alloy that gives it exceptional sound quality and a beautiful finish.

The Patan Singing Bowl is handmade with great skill, revealing its unique character and vibrant qualities with every strike of the hammer. The special alloy blend it’s made from produces a rich and soothing sound that appeals to the senses. This bowl has been carefully designed to create a harmonious blend of tones, making it a popular choice among sound therapy enthusiasts and practitioners.

Available in various sizes ranging from 10 cm to 28 cm in diameter, the Patan Singing Bowl caters to different preferences, offering a range of tones and frequencies. Whether you prefer calming and intimate tones or powerful and resonating melodies, you can choose the size that suits your preference and practice. Each size results from the careful craftsmanship of our skilled artisans, ensuring a consistently exceptional musical experience for everyone. We perform a detailed quality assurance process to ensure you get the absolute best products. The price of Patan singing bowl is 58€ per kilogram.

Size Exact size range Weight
10 cm 10 cm to 10.9 cm 250 g
11 cm 11 cm to 11.9 cm 313 g
12 cm 12 cm to 12.9 cm 350 g
13 cm 13 cm to 13.9 cm 407 g
14 cm 14 cm to 14.9 cm 450 g
15 cm 15 cm to 15.9 cm 500 g
16 cm 16 cm to 16.9 cm 629 g
17 cm 17 cm to 17.9 cm 690 g
18 cm 18 cm to 18.9 cm 800 g
19 cm 19 cm to 19.9 cm 941 g
20 cm 20 cm to 20.9 cm 1047 g
21 cm 21 cm to 21.9 cm 1174 g
22 cm 22 cm to 22.9 cm 1330 g
23 cm 23 cm to 23.9 cm 1500 g
24 cm 24 cm to 24.9 cm 1700 g
25 cm 25 cm to 25.9 cm 2000 g
26 cm 26 cm to 26.9 cm 2200 g
27 cm 27 cm to 27.9 cm 2400 g
28 cm 28 cm to 28.9 cm 2600 g

Packing and Shipping

Rest assured, we take great care in packing each singing bowl to ensure its safe transportation to you. Our shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of each bowl on a decreasing scale. The more you order, the lower the price per kilogram. For further details, please refer to our dedicated page.


Meditative and Healing Benefits

Reducing Stress and Creating Calm: Feel immediate relaxation as the soothing sounds of the singing bowl melt away stress, creating a peaceful atmosphere and inner calmness.

Improving Meditation and Focus: Enhance your meditation practice with the calming vibrations of the singing bowl, guiding you into deep mindfulness and concentration, making your meditation experience richer.

Balancing Your Body’s Energy: Easily balance your body’s energy centers as each tone connects with a specific chakra, promoting balance, harmony, and a smooth energy flow throughout your body.

Relieving Pain and Discomfort: Experience relief from physical discomfort as the gentle vibrations of the singing bowl ease pain, bringing relaxation to affected areas and supporting your body’s natural healing processes.

Supporting Emotional Healing and Well-being: Undertake on a healing journey for your emotions. The soothing vibrations of the singing bowl offer a therapeutic outlet, nurturing emotional well-being inner peace, and fostering a positive outlook on life.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning and Care

Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the singing bowl, removing dust and residue. Avoid using rough materials or chemicals that could damage its surface.

Proper Storage: Keep the bowl on a soft cushion or padded bag to prevent scratches and dents. Don’t stack bowls directly on top of each other to maintain their shape and strength.

Handle with Care: Be gentle when touching the singing bowl, avoiding strong force or hitting. Always use the proper striker and cushion made for your bowl to keep it stable and safe during use.

Temperature Sensitivity: Protect the singing bowl from hot or cold temperatures, direct sunlight, or heat sources. Sudden temperature changes can affect the metal, impacting its sound and condition.

Regular Use: Play your singing bowl regularly to keep its sound clear and calming. The vibrations from frequent use help maintain its quality, ensuring a soothing sound every time you use it.

Sound Production Tips:

Hold the bowl Properly: Place the bowl on your palm or a cushion and handle it gently, letting it vibrate freely without any restrictions.

Choose the Right Striker: Pick a suitable striker, usually a wooden mallet covered with felt, ensuring it matches your bowl’s size and type to make the best sound.

Strike the bowl Gently: Tap the bowl gently with the striker to make a sound. Avoid hitting it too hard; a soft touch creates a clear and harmonious tone.

Use Circular Movements: When moving around the rim, keep a steady pressure and a consistent speed. Try different angles and pressures to find the best position for the finest sound quality.

Discover the Resonance: Explore the bowl’s surface to find its natural frequency. Tap and move around the bowl until you feel the vibrations at their most vital point, indicating the most vibrant sound.

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Data sheet

Special 7 metals alloy from K. Tamrakar
Patan Tamrakar - Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Diameter from 10 cm to 30 cm
58 € per kilogram

Specific References

Daniel Schmidt 03/17/2022

lovely bowls from Healing Singing Bowls

The Patan singing bowl has a rich, deep sound that is perfect for my meditation practice. It's beautifully crafted and arrived much sooner than expected.

Laura Fischer 01/21/2022


it is quite difficult to find an authentic patan bowl because most of the sellers either sell a bowl from india by saying it's patan bowl. was a little scared to get patan bowls but the quality and authenticity surprised me. bought bunch of patan bowls from here and at a surprisingly good price.

Boris Zen Yoga 07/10/2021

Patan bowls

My clients love the sound of the singing bowls during my sound healing sessions. Thank you!

Isabella 02/15/2021

Deep Sound

Wow! The sound of this Patan singing bowls is amazing and very deep. Very happy with my purchase. Will definitely recommend Healing Singing Bowls to my friends.

Julia Schneider 01/04/2021

Deep sound vibration with Patan Singing Bowls

This Patan Singing bowls are much more thin that other bowls that we find everywere. Finition are also higher quality. Bowls are more light and sound is deeper than other bowls. It is very nice product that bring diversity in my healing class.

Joseph F. 02/03/2020

Delivery Follow Up

Very good delivery follow up done by Sajan. It bring confidence to order from Nepal. Thanks you Sajan

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