Set of Singing bowls

Welcome to our Set of Singing Bowls category, where you'll embark on a journey into the heart of Nepal's artisanal heritage. Explore a harmonious array of wholesale treasures, each set representing the culmination of centuries-old tradition and modern elegance.

We offer a variety of set sizes to suit your needs. For those seeking a grand ensemble, our SET of 7 bowls in the 3rd octave, following the Vedic order of CDEFGAB, provides a majestic resonance. Alternatively, opt for the same set in a smaller size, tuned to the 4th octave, for a more delicate sound.

Embrace the Himalayan approach with our FCGDAEB set, offering a unique order of notes that resonates with the region's rich cultural tapestry. Looking for something compact yet powerful? Explore our SET of 4 bowls, featuring the fundamental notes F, B, G, and D.

For those seeking a complete musical spectrum, our Chromatic set of 12 bowls includes all notes plus sharp notes, allowing for versatile compositions and melodies.

Immerse yourself in the masterful craftsmanship of Nepal's esteemed artisans as you elevate your offerings with the authentic allure of Kathmandu Valley's finest singing bowl sets.

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