Small Set of 7 singing bowl

Small Set of 7 singing bowl

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Explore our small Set of Seven Singing Bowls, handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley by our skilled artisans using a alloy of seven metals. These bowls range from 12cm to 16cm in size. Each bowl creates the notes CDEFGAB within the forth octave, from 262 Hz to 494 Hz, selected to vibrate harmoniously together.

49 € / kilogram. + Shipping cost (calculated based on weight and country)

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  Original from Nepal

Made by Newari craft mans in Kathmandu valley

Introducing our Handcrafted Set of Seven Metal Singing Bowls—an fusion embodying Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Silver, and Gold, carefully shaped by Nepalese artisans. This exclusive set of 7-metal singing bowl features seven singing bowls, each varying in size from a delicate 8cm to 30cm in diameter, resonating with individual cosmic energies and tones.

Purposefully crafted to align with specific chakras, these bowls inspire meditation, healing, and serenity. Individually packed to preserve their essence, each bowl is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and spiritual significance, enriching your inner journey with unique energies.

Submerge yourself in deep relaxation and stress reduction with this complete set of seven bowls, precisely attuned to enhance mindfulness. Known for their ability to balance energy flow and promote healing, they infuse spaces with calming vibes. Explore our exclusive set of seven singing bowls, each representing a different size between 8cm to 30cm in diameter. This diverse range ensures a harmonious blend of energies, empowering your spiritual practice with varied tones.

Packing and Shipping

Rest assured, we take great care in packing each singing bowl to ensure its safe transportation to you. Our shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of each bowl on a decreasing scale. The more you order, the lower the price per kilogram. For further details, please refer to our dedicated page.

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Data sheet

7 Metals Alloy (Mainly Copper (Cu) – 80% and Tin (Sn) – 20%; Plus Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn), Silver (Ag), Gold (Au)
Healing Singing Bowls - Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
49 € per kilogram

Specific References

Ana 10/10/2021

sonidosdelalma com

This small singing bowl set is perfect for beginners. Easy to play and beautiful sound and accessible price.

Mateo Yoga Athina 09/17/2020

Sound Vibration

I ordered this set. It was well packed. Next time I order the big size in 3rd octave.

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