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Set of 7 Patinated singing bowls

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Discover our Set of 7 Patinated Singing Bowls, handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley by skilled artisans using a special blend of seven metals. Each bowl, ranging from 16 cm to 25 cm, produces the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B within the third octave, from 131 Hz to 246 Hz. Designed to harmonize beautifully, this set brings antique elegance and soothing sounds to your space.

Estimated weight of the set is between 9kg and 10kg

49 € / kilogram. + Shipping cost (calculated based on weight and country)

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  Original from Nepal

Made by Newari craft mans in Kathmandu valley

Introducing our Handcrafted Set of Seven Patinated Singing Bowls, a stunning fusion of Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Silver, and Gold. Carefully hand-hammered by our skilled Nepalese artisans, these bowls feature a unique patina finish, giving them an antique, timeless appearance. The sizes range from 16 cm to 25 cm, with each bowl producing one of the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B within the third octave, spanning frequencies from 131 Hz to 246 Hz. We meticulously select and tune each set to ensure perfect sound harmony and frequency accuracy:

C - 131 Hz

D - 147 Hz

E - 165 Hz

F - 175 Hz

G - 196 Hz

A - 220 Hz

B - 247 Hz

This Set of 7 Patinated Singing Bowls offers numerous benefits across various wellness practices:

Chakra Balancing: Each bowl corresponds to one of the seven chakras, aiding in energy alignment and chakra balancing.

Sound Therapy: The seven bowls provide a full range of frequencies with harmonic tones, allowing practitioners to address a wide scope of physical and mental pain.

Meditation and Yoga Sessions: The bowls create a calming atmosphere and enhance focus. Larger bowls produce deep sound vibrations, making them ideal for group yoga sessions.

Sound Massage: They induce deep relaxation and alleviate tension through sound massage.

Healing Sessions: The bowls are used in vibrational healing to realign and heal the body's energy fields, supporting overall holistic health.

The price for the set of 7 patinated singing bowls is 49 € per kilogram (Weight of the set is estimated around 9-10 kg).

Packing and Shipping:

Rest assured, we take great care in packing each singing bowl to ensure its safe transportation to you. Our shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of each bowl on a decreasing scale. The more you order, the lower the price per kilogram. For further details, please refer to our dedicated page.

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7 Metals Alloy (Mainly Copper (Cu) – 80% and Tin (Sn) – 20%; Plus Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn), Silver (Ag), Gold (Au)
Healing Singing Bowls - Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
49 € per kilogram

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Ingrid 11/03/2021

Yoga Mala Stockholm

Great bulk order discount for my shop. Singing bowls arrived quickly and perfect!

Sound Therapist 06/25/2020

Accurate notes

My set is very accurate! Bowls are made to vibrate in harmony together.

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