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Carved Singing Bowls

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Experience tranquility with our Carved Singing Bowls, intricately etched with sacred symbols from Tibetan, Hindu, and Yogic Buddhism. Handcrafted in Nepal from seven metals, these bowls resonate soothing tones for meditation and relaxation. Available in sizes from 10cm to 28cm.

56 € / kilogram + Shipping cost (calculated based on weight and country)

Size: 10 cm
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  Original from Nepal

Made by Newari craft mans in Kathmandu valley

Experience the resonating serenity of our Tibetan singing bowl, carefully fashioned from a blend of seven harmonious metals – Lead, Tin, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Silver, and Gold, each corresponding to our seven energy centers, Chakras. These bowls are hand-hammered and engraved with precision. Our bowls reflect the ancient artistry of Tibetan, Hindu, and Yogic Buddhism. Each stroke proves the dedication of our artists, who intricately carve sacred symbols into every inch of the bowl, both inside and out.

Engraved with respected symbols such as the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, the watchful eyes of Buddha, the Double Dorje, the Endless Knot, the Flower of Life, and representations of the Chakras, these bowls resonate with deep spiritual significance. These bowls are decorative as well and offer a deeper purpose. When played, they produce resonating tones that aid meditation, relaxation, and energy balancing, inviting harmony into your space. Our Carved Singing Bowls capture centuries of tradition and spiritual wisdom, bringing the essence of ancient teachings and serene vibrations into your home.

Feel the magic of our Carved singing bowls, which come in sizes from 10 cm to 28 cm in diameter. Each size gives different sounds, so you can pick what fits your style, whether you like soft tunes or strong, deep melodies. Our skilled craftspeople make sure each bowl, no matter the size, sounds fantastic. We check every bowl carefully to make sure it’s top quality. The price of the Carved singing bowl is 56€ per kilogram.

Size Exact size range Weight
10 cm 10 cm to 10.9 cm 272 g
11 cm 11 cm to 11.9 cm 328 g
12 cm 12 cm to 12.9 cm 419 g
13 cm 13 cm to 13.9 cm 500 g
14 cm 14 cm to 14.9 cm 600 g
15 cm 15 cm to 15.9 cm 733 g
16 cm 16 cm to 16.9 cm 784 g
17 cm 17 cm to 17.9 cm 876 g
18 cm 18 cm to 18.9 cm 1000 g
19 cm 19 cm to 19.9 cm 1075 g
20 cm 20 cm to 20.9 cm 1140 g
21 cm 21 cm to 21.9 cm 1240 g
22 cm 22 cm to 22.9 cm 1380 g
23 cm 23 cm to 23.9 cm 1572 g
24 cm 24 cm to 24.9 cm 1650 g
25 cm 25 cm to 25.9 cm 1800 g
26 cm 26 cm to 26.9 cm 1900 g
27 cm 27 cm to 27.9 cm 2050 g
28 cm 28 cm to 28.9 cm 2274 g

Packing and Shipping

Rest assured, we take great care in packing each singing bowl to ensure its safe transportation to you. Our shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of each bowl on a decreasing scale. The more you order, the lower the price per kilogram. For further details, please refer to our dedicated page.


Meditative and Healing Benefits

Relaxing Tones: Our Carved Singing Bowls create calming sounds that foster a peaceful atmosphere, encouraging stress-free relaxation.

Professional Recognition: Embraced by diverse professionals, including healthcare experts, educators, musicians, and yoga instructors, these bowls are valued for their healing attributes.

Healing Uses: In healthcare settings, therapists and stress specialists use these bowls to enrich their healing practices, promoting overall well-being.

Enhancing Learning: Carved Singing Bowls find a place in classrooms, aiding educators in maintaining focus during group activities and creating an ideal space for concentration and learning.

Supporting Mental Well-being: Employed in therapies targeting post-traumatic stress disorder, these bowls offer comfort and support for those seeking healing.

Holistic Healing Attributes: With their resonating tones and balanced vibrations, Carved Singing Bowls possess exceptional healing properties, aligning the body, mind, and spirit harmoniously.

Decorative Appeal:

Aesthetic Appeal: Adding a touch of calmness, Carved Singing Bowls enhance the atmosphere of meditation rooms, yoga studios, and homes.

Care Instructions:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to delicately wipe the bowl after each use, effectively removing dust and fingerprints.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Avoid strong cleansers or chemicals that can harm the bowl’s surface and affect its sound quality.

Thorough Drying: After cleaning, ensure the bowl is completely dry to prevent any damage, especially for metal bowls.

Sound Production Tips:

Striking Technique: Hold a soft mallet against the bowl’s rim and gently strike for a clear, resonant sound.

Rim Circulation: Glide a wooden striker gently along the bowl’s outer rim in a circular motion to sustain the sound. Maintain steady pressure and pace for optimal results.

Exploration: Experiment with different strikers and techniques to find the sound that best suits your preferences.

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Data sheet

7 Metals Alloy (Mainly Copper (Cu) – 80% and Tin (Sn) – 20%; Plus Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn), Silver (Ag), Gold (Au)
Healing Singing Bowls - Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Diameter from 8 cm to 30 cm
56 € per kilogram

Specific References

Eva Jensen 05/23/2022

beautiful carvings

Carved singing bowls are stunning. Intricate designs, rich sound perfect for sound healing sessions. Arrived well-packaged, on time. Highly recommend!

Little Tibet 05/10/2021

Bulk Order

The bulk order discount was very helpful for my shop. The singing bowls arrived quickly and were exactly as described.

Liam S. Sydney 02/10/2021

Beautiful !

Beautiful singing bowls, arrived safely all the way to Australia! Perfect for my yoga studio. Thank you!

Energy Yoga 10/12/2020

Nice design

Very good packing of my singing bowls. I asked special design and it is even better than expected! Thanks for your tailor made support Sajan.

Marta Lisboa 05/25/2020

Quality and choice

Best to provide diversity of singing bowls and quality. Carved singing bowls are the best.

Soul of Yoga 03/16/2020

Quality sound

Good quality singing bowls from Nepal with affortable bulk price. I integrate 1 bowl for training camp.

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